Save the Arctic

Shell is towing the first oil rig into the Arctic right now. When it gets there, one of the planet's last unspoiled areas will be destroyed.

Drilling in the Arctic is only possible because of two things: Global warming, which in a truly tragic coincidence is caused by the burning of oil, and is melting sea ice to open the area for exploration. And Barack Obama's energy policy, which has opened more and more offshore areas to oil drilling — including the Arctic.

We can't stop global warming before July, but President Obama can turn this rig around if he reconsiders his "all of the above" energy plan and takes the Arctic and other pristine areas off the list of places it's ok to destroy with oil drilling. Sign here to tell President Obama he's got to reverse course and turn this rig around before it's too late to save the Arctic.


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Please End Oil Drilling in the Arctic


Drilling in the Arctic is a terrible idea and a prelude to an environmental disaster. The Arctic is one of the last unspoiled areas on the planet, and the only reason we can even consider drilling there is because global warming has melted so much of Arctic sea ice. Your all of the above energy strategy is only making things worse by opening up pristine offshore areas to new drilling.

Now, an oil rig is on the way to do permanent damage to one of the last pristine ecosystems on the planet. Please, before it's too late, you've got to reverse course and stop all oil drilling in the Arctic.

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