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I have to warn you, these videos are hard to watch. Wolves caught in brutal traps lie pinned and in pain while hunters shoot them at point blank range. This is what America's wildlife policy looks like.

After decades of protection, the American Grey Wolf was just barely back from the brink of extinction in 2011. But then Congress made a rash decision to de-list wolves from the Endangered Species Act. Now trapping and killing of wolves is legal, and as you can see it being carried out with brutal efficiency. Already, more than half the wolves that roamed the Rockies and mid-west are dead. If we don't act soon, there will be none left.

You can help stop this - Don't look away. Sign below and share with friends and family who love the wild things so we can live in a world where wolves, and the wilderness they need to survive, can thrive alongside people.

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Dear  President Obama and Interior Secretary Salazar,

I want to live in a world where wolves, and the wilderness they need to survive, can thrive. America needs a wolf policy that isn't cruel or destructive. And until we change our policy - I won't look away. I'll keep sharing the images of what cruel wolf trapping and killing looks like.

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