Take action to protect our national parks!

baby bearOur National Parks represent America’s best idea, but not only did Congress force our national parks to close during the shutdown, they still want to cut funding for our parks, from the Great Smokies to Yosemite, to the bone. They will continue to face this uncertain future until Congress gives them the funding they deserve. 

We must take action now to make sure places like the Grand Tetons, the Everglades and all our National parks get the resources they need.

Please urge your elected official to protect America’s parks by filling out the form below.


Please don't shortchange our parks

Dear Senator,

Our National Parks, like Yosemite, Yellowstone and other parks across the country give us the chance to experience America's unique beauty.

Please do everything in your power to protect our parks by calling for full funding of our parks in the upcoming budget talks.

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