Can you help put your town on record against the Citizens United ruling?

We're calling for a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Citizens United decision and stanch the flow of unlimited spending by moneyed special interests, returning our elections to the principle of "one person, one vote."

Already more than 300 local resolutions have been passed and seven states have officially gone on record calling for an amendment. Every week another community joins the call. Will you add your voice to strengthen your town's call to reclaim our democracy?

It will take a critical mass of support to overcome the billions of special interest dollars flooding our elections — that's why we need your voice. 


Sign our petition below and help us get your town to join the effort.

I, _your_name_, want to put my town on record in favor of an amendment to the Constitution of the United States that would overturn the Citizens United decision and related cases, protect the integrity of our elections, and limit the corrosive influence of big money on our democratic process.

We will deliver the petition when we have 50 or more signatures from your town.

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