Get Big Money Out of Politics

Money in Politics

Stop the flood of money into our elections 

You can help reclaim our democracy from the influence of big money.

Spending on political campaigns has continued to skyrocket higher than ever before, drowning out the voice of ordinary voters. It will take a critical mass of support to overcome the hundreds of millions of special interest dollars surging into our elections. Other members of the public, our leaders and the President need hear from all those concerned by the impact of all this money in politics. 

By signing below, students can help to re-establish the right of voters to control how money can be used to influence elections.


Get Big Money out of Politics

To Whom It May Concern 

We the undersigned students declare:

There is too much big money in politics. Wealthy people and corporations are able to flood our political system with billions of dollars, amplifying their own voices at the expense of the rest of us. As a result, politicians are more accountable to the wealthiest of Americans rather than ordinary people.

We believe that money is property and amplifies speech, but is not speech itself. We are dismayed that the Supreme Court has ruled the opposite, granting the wealthy a larger political voice than the rest of us.

In order to restore our democracy and get big money out of politics, the American people should have the right to enact limits on how much money candidates can raise and spend.

Therefore, we support all efforts to remove the legal barriers that prevent Americans and/or their duly elected leaders from placing limits on campaign contributions and spending.

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