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I have great news -- Shell Oil announced today that it will not resume its oil drilling efforts in the Arctic until at least 2014. While this is not a promise to drop its goal of putting oil platforms in the wild, remote Arctic, it is an admission by Shell that their plans are fraught with problems.

It also gives us more time to convince the Obama administration to ban Arctic drilling, before Shell has a chance to resume operations. Can you please sign our petition asking President Obama to immediately ban Arctic drilling.


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Please End Oil Drilling in the Arctic


Drilling in the Arctic is a terrible idea and a prelude to an environmental disaster. Shell had so many accidents and safety issues in 2012 that prevented the oil company from starting its drilling operations that Shell announced recently it is pausing operations for 2013.

The Arctic is one of the last unspoiled areas on the planet, and the only reason we can even consider drilling there is because global warming has melted so much of Arctic sea ice. Your all of the above energy strategy is only making things worse by opening up pristine offshore areas to new drilling.

President Obama, before it's too late, please reverse course and stop all oil drilling in the Arctic.

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