Tell President Obama, "No Keystone XL."

Carbon pollution from the Keystone XL pipeline would fuel global warming and accelerate and amplify the changes we’re seeing in our climate –- with more heat waves, more smog, more wildfires, more stress on diseased forests, and fewer wildlife able to survive in our environment.       

Please add your name to our petition, which we’ll send to the White House, letting the president know that Californians expect him to just say "No" to the Keystone XL pipeline.


Just say "No" to Keystone XL

Dear President Obama, 

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is a terrible idea for America. It will only serve to deepen our addiction to dirty energy, pollute our air and accelerate global warming.

Here in California, we've taken bold steps to tackle global warming and transition to clean energy. I was impressed by the forward-looking statements you made in your inaugural address and the State of the Union. But it's time to put that vision into action.

Rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline will send a strong message that America is finally taking global warming seriously. I urge you to reject the Keystone XL pipeline project this year.

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