Tell your Senator: Don't Give Constitutional Protections to Factory Farms

Chickens on a factory farm, by Socially Responsible Ag ProjeMissouri's senate will hear two resolutions that will lead to constitutional protections for factory farms and industrial agriculture. This means that an out-of-state corporation could put a 20,000 hog farm on the Missouri river floodplain, right next to small farmers whose lives would be ruined by the stench and water pollution, or near schools, homes and hospitals--and nobody could stop them.

Factory farms pollute our water and air with chemicals and vast quantities of animal wastes, ruin neighbors' daily lives and destroy property values.  For years, families, communities and environmentalists have fought to prevent factory farms from opening on environmentally-sensitive lands or near communities.  These resolutions would make that impossible by granting a constitutional right to industrial agriculture.

Stand up today to let your Senator know that nobody deserves constitutional protections for polluting our air and water. 


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HJR 7 & 11 Are Bad For Missouri

Dear [Decision Maker],

The food we eat should strengthen our environment, our families and our communities not harm them. For many years, Missouri's family farmers have supplied healthy, nutritious food to our dinner tables.

However, giant, industrial agribusinesses hurt our environment by polluting and wasting our waters, affect our health through the heavy use of pesticides, and make it harder for small farms to maintain their traditional farming practices. HJR 7 and 11, if passed, will place factory farms and other industrial food producers beyond the reach of the law.

HJR 7 and 11 are bad for small farms, bad for property values, and bad for our environment. I urge you to protect our homes, our communities and our environment by opposing these resolutions.

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