Protect Our Rivers

Factory farm runoff

Iowa's rivers are our state treasures. Unfortunately, loopholes in the Clean Water Act leave our waterways vulnerable to unchecked contamination. And Big Ag has taken advantage of these loopholes for far too long.

We need to defend Iowa's rivers. Runoff pollution from industrial agriculture is polluting our rivers, causing algae blooms, dead zones and more. We're calling on the EPA to stand up to Big Ag and adopt commonsense protections for Iowa's rivers.

Your support is vital: Add your name below to urge the EPA to strengthen the Clean Water Act and protect our rivers from runoff pollution.


Protect our beautiful rivers

Dear  legislator,

From the Missouri to the Mississippi, Iowa's rivers should be natural treasures. But loopholes in the Clean Water Act leave our rivers vulnerable to contamination.

Chemical fertilizer, manure and other polluted runoff from industrial agriculture flows unregulated into our state's waterways. As a result, Iowa's rivers and streams have anywhere from 2 to 10 times more phosphorus and nitrogen than is considered safe. And we can't fish, canoe or swim in 470 of these rivers and streams or we risk getting sick. Iowa's rivers are not getting the protection they deserve.

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