Fighting The High Cost Of Rx Drugs

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$3.5 Billion Each Year—That's the FTC's conservative estimate of how much this pay-for-delay setup costs consumers and taxpayers. 

Stand Up To Big Pharma 
We all know prescription drugs cost too much. That’s partly because brand-name drug companies are paying off generic drug makers to delay competition and keep prices high. This practice, called “pay for delay,” has been used by at least eight of the 10 top drug makers. 

It's anti-competitive. It's hurting consumers. It has to stop now.

Add Your Voice To The Call To End Pay For Delay
Drug companies spend more on lobbying than any other industry. But if we build enough public support, we can stop the practice of pay for delay, and bring down drug costs. Send a message to Congress that they need to stand up for consumers, and put an end to pay for delay once and for all. 


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