Tell Mayor Garcetti it's time for L.A. to go solar

Hollywood signSolar power is L.A.'s greatest untapped energy resource. That's why public health officials, businesses, teachers, environmental organizations and Mayor Garcetti have called for Los Angeles to make a bold commitment to clean solar power: to meet 20 percent of our energy needs with rooftop solar by 2020.

Write to Mayor Eric Garcetti and ask him to act on this visionary solar goal. Together, we can achieve a clean energy future for L.A.



It's time for L.A. to step up its game on solar

Dear Mayor Garcetti, 

With our abundant sunshine, our miles upon miles of rooftops, and our love of new technology, Los Angeles has all of the ingredients necessary to be the nation's solar power capital, bringing cleaner air, more local jobs and significant consumer savings to our city.

I'm proud of the progress that Los Angeles has made on renewable energy, but we can and must do much more. We need to put more solar on homes, schools, and businesses in order to reduce air pollution, fight climate change and create jobs.

Today, less than 2 percent of the city's electricity comes from rooftop solar. Los Angeles should set a goal of building 1200 MW of rooftop solar by 2020 enough to generate nearly 20 percent of the city's summertime electricity needs.

While on the campaign trail, you embraced this vision of a clean energy future. Thank you. Now, I urge you to turn this vision into reality and lead Los Angeles to world-class solar heights.

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