Protect our parks and forests from drilling

drilling rig in Colorado

The dirty drilling process known as fracking is being considered in or near Mesa Verde National Park, the Roan Plateau, White River National Forest and Dinosaur National Monument.

As federal officials decide on new rules for fracking on these lands, we need President Obama to tell them to protect our forests and parks from drilling. Please email him by filling out the form below:



Protect Colorado's forests and parks from fracking

Dear President Obama,

From Mesa Verde to White River National Forest, Colorado has some of the most beautiful parks and forests in the country. As federal officials consider new rules for fracking, please tell them to:

- Keep this dirty drilling out of our national forests and away from our national parks; and

- Close the loopholes, especially the one exempting billions of gallons of toxic fracking waste from our nation's hazardous waste law.

Thank you,
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