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Ratepayers Shouldn't Pay for Edison's Mistakes

Southern California Edison is running an all out campaign to get ratepayers to pick up the tab for their mistakes. First they spent $680 million on shoddy steam generators that broke and forced the plant's closure. Then they continued to charge ratepayers $68 million a month for a plant that isn't producing one watt of energy.  

Tell the PUC: "I shouldn’t have to pay for electricity I didn’t get and bad decisions I didn’t make. Edison’s mistakes should be covered by Edison’s dollars."


Ratepayers shouldn't be on the hook for Edison's mistakes

Dear California Public Utilities Commission,

I am writing to urge the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to hold Edison and other plant owners financially responsible for their mistakes at the San Onofre nuclear power plant, not ratepayers.

I ask that the CPUC rule that ratepayers should no longer pay for the operation costs at the closed nuclear power plant. Additionally:

1. Ratepayers should be reimbursed for the costs we have already contributed to pay for the broken steam generators that were recently installed.

2. Ratepayers should be reimbursed for other payments that were made for the operation of San Onofre since January 2012, when the plant stopped operating.

Those expenses should sit squarely with Edison and its shareholders.

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