When you walk into a supermarket to buy food for yourself or your family, you should be able to make a healthy, responsible and informed decision. When it comes to GMO's we're being kept in the dark -- here are the top 5 reasons we need your help to win labels:

  1. The science is still out. It may be years before we understand all of GMO's impacts -- some studies have suggested that GMO crops can create "superweeds" and harm wildlife.

  2. They're designed for increased pesticides. Many GMO crops are designed for increased pesticides and herbicides, which have been linked to serious health impacts.

  3. Everyone else is doing it. The U.S. is one of only two industrialized countries that still doesn't label GMO foods.

  4. There's little independent testing. GMO products usually don’t undergo independent testing before they wind up on store shelves.

  5. It's our right. It's a basic consumer right: We should know what's in the food we feed to our families.

GMO labels are common sense, but to see GMO labeling made law, we need to convince our legislators to act -- and we need your help to do it.

Please send a message to your legislator: Protect my right to know, and label GMO foods!


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