Support a rule that says: "No new dirty power plants"

Support a rule that says "No new dirty power plants&quoFrom Tampa Bay to Miami, Florida’s coastal communities are the most vulnerable in the country to rising seas and warming temperatures. Scientists warn that we must reign in the dangerous carbon pollution fueling global warming, or things will get much worse for our kids and future generations.

On Sept. 20, President Obama effectively said “no new dirty power plants,” — America's largest single-source of carbon pollution — when his Environmental Protection Agency proposed a strong standard to limit carbon pollution from new power plants.

Join us in urging EPA to finalize this rule by filling out this petition:



Move Forward with Tough Limits on Carbon Pollution

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I urge the EPA to move forward with tough limits on carbon pollution from power plants, both new and existing. Doing so will protect our health, our environment, our children and generations to come.

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