Don't Frack Illinois

Across the country, fracking is contaminating water, making nearby families sick with air pollution, and turning forest acres into industrial zones. And now the oil and gas industry has set its sights on Illinois—with our own state officials considering rules that will not protect our health or environment.

Add your name below to tell Gov. Pat Quinn to say "no" to dirty drilling in Illinois.


Please halt any permitting for fracking wells

Dear Gov. Pat Quinn,

I am writing to urge you to halt any move towards opening up Illinois to fracking. Inviting a rush of dirty drilling here threatens our water, our air, our land, and even our climate.

Even worse, officials at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) have now proposed a set of rules full of loopholes--allowing toxic waste pits, earthquakes from waste injection, and even exempting some fracking operations from the rules altogether.

Please stop this rush to drill--before it's too late.

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