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Ask Congress to Close Fracking Loophole
Local communities and drinking water sources are vulnerable to toxic fracking waste because this dirty drilling is exempt from key provisions of our nation's hazardous waste law. Ask Congress to close the fracking loophole.
Call Gov. Cuomo: Tell him to keep fracking out of New York
Fracking would pollute New York's water and air, and could impact our health and the environment. Call Governor Cuomo and tell him: 'Don't frack New York'.
Keep Dangerous Fracking out of New York
Speak up now and tell the governor not to allow fracking--the same practice we know has contaminated drinking water, ruined landscapes and made families sick across the country--anywhere near our state.
Repower New York with Solar Energy
Let Albany know that you want them to go big on solar to drive millions of dollars into the state's growing clean energy economy, create thousands of jobs, repower homes and businesses with solar electricity, and reduce dangerous air pollution.
Urge our Legislature: No Loopholes for Hazardous Drilling Waste
Powerful oil and gas companies have gotten the toxic wastewater from their Marcellus Shale gas operations (also called fracking) exempted from the hazardous waste safety laws that apply to all other industries. Take action to close this loophole!
Wind Power for New York
By harnessing the power of the wind blowing off our shores, we can repower our lives with clean energy that doesn't pollute and never runs out.

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