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Accountability Free Zones
Sacramento lawmakers just passed the budget. Unfortunately, there was one major tax reform that didn't make it into the budget deal: getting rid of a $700 million wasteful corporate tax subsidy known as the Enterprise Zone program. Take action
Fighting the high cost of Rx drugs
Brand name drug companies are paying off generic drug makers to delay competition and keep drug prices high. Tell Congress to lower drug prices by ending Big Pharma's "pay for delay" schemes.
LA Proposition C: Rally to Reclaim Democracy
HEY LA! Join us on May 18th to get out the vote for Proposition C. We are just days away from weighing in on Citizens United and big money in politics, lets make sure the message is so loud and clear it echoes in the halls of Sacramento and D.C.
Los Angeles vs. Citizens United
Urge Los Angeles City Council to include a ballot question on Citizens United in the upcoming mayoral election this May.
Sen. Feinstein: Stand Up For Consumers
The Senate will be deciding whether Rich Cordray gets confirmed as a full-term director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Send a message to Sen. Diane Feinstein to make sure our hard-won financial reforms remain secure.
Step away from the cliff
Tell your Senator to make sure any budget deal closes down offshore tax loopholes.
Stop taxpayer handouts to Big Ag
Does America's largest "family" farm really need a handout? Tell Congress to end Big Ag's gravy train.
Stop the $500 million taxpayer giveaway to Amgen
Urge Congress to repeal the $500 million taxpayer giveaway to drug giant Amgen, a wasteful boondoggle tucked into the fiscal cliff deal last month.
Take a stand for the Internet
Tell the Republican and Democratic National Committees to protect the Internet
Tell Anthem to roll back their increase
Tell Anthem Blue Cross: Roll back your big premium increase. $459 more per year is unreasonable and unjustified.
Tell your legislator - I wont pay for Edison's mistakes
Make sure your legislator stands up for ratepayers - we shouldn't pay for Edison's $2.4 billion blunder.