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50,000 Strong to Keep NC Frack Free
A moratorium protects North Carolina waters from fracking for now, but the governor wants to roll out the red carpet for this risky drilling practice. We're gathering 50,000 signatures to keep N.C. Frack-Free.
A bold plan on global warming: say thanks.
To help reverse global warming, President Obama has unveiled a bold plan to cut carbon pollution and boost wind and solar power. Tell him, "thanks."
Ask Gov. McCrory to stand up for solar
North Carolina could be a leading state in the country when it comes to solar power. But a few powerful lawmakers are intent on taking us backwards. Email Gov. McCrory to urge him to stand up for solar power, and keep us moving forward.
Be a part of Solarize Durham!
Solarize, a high succesful program to expand solar power on homes and businesses, is coming to Durham!
Still time to help Jordan Lake
Instead of cutting pollution upstream to restore Jordan Lake, the General Assembly wants to subsidize a private company's technology that many experts say won't work. We still have a chance to stop this bad idea. Send your email to officials today.
Support a rule that says: No new dirty power plants
President Obama effectively said "no new dirty power plants," America's largest single-source of carbon pollution, when his EPA proposed a strong standard to limit carbon pollution from new power plants. Show your support of this step.
Support local, sustainable farms
Farming should help the environment, not hurt it. Unfortunately, farming today is dominated today by factory farms that pollute or rivers and lakes, and contaminate our food with chemicals. Take action today to support local, sustainable farms.
Support Solar in North Carolina
With more sunny days than Germany, the world leader in solar power, North Carolina could become the next leader in solar energy. But we currently use less than 1% of solar energy to power our communities. Sign our petition to support solar in NC!
Tell EPA: North Carolina's rivers and lakes need some good news
Lately there's been nothing but bad news about NC's rivers and lakes. Now, the EPA has some good news: they want to close loopholes in the law and protect more than 135,000 miles of our streams. Email EPA to say thanks, and ask them to finish the job!
Tell Gov. McCrory to clean up coal ash
Millions of gallons of coal-waste have already poured into the Dan River, threatening drinking water and fishers, paddlers, and wildlife with arsenic, lead, and other toxic substances. Tell Gov. McCrory to prevent another Dan River disaster.
Thanks, Gov. McCrory!
North Carolina has more offshore wind energy potential than any Atlantic Coast state. Gov. Pat McCrory has told federal officials he supports developing wind energy off our coast. Tell him to keep it up!

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