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The Updated Bottle Bill has been pending for over 15 years, and each year we delay, another billion bottles get dumped in the trash.

Although the state Senate passed the Updated Bottle Bill in its version of the budget, the House budget doesn’t contain this important recycling law. Now the fate of the Updated Bottle Bill lies with a conference committee, which will decide whether or not to keep the Updated Bottle Bill in the budget.

Tell your state senator and representative to keep the Updated Bottle Bill in the budget.


Support the Updated Bottle Bill

Dear legislator,

The Bottle Bill, originally passed in 1982, is the state's most successful recycling program. Since its passage, we've redeemed or recycled more than 30 billion containers. Updating the Bottle Bill by extending the 5-cent deposit to more drink containers, like bottled water, sports drinks and other beverages, would further decrease litter and increase recycling.

The Updated Bottle Bill passed as part of the Senate budget (outside sections 71F-71T) and is being considered this week in conference committee. This crucial legislation has been stalled in the Legislature for too long.

Please do everything you can to ensure that the Updated Bottle Bill makes it out of the conference committee.

Thank you,
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