Cut Oil Subsidies to Keep College Loan Rates Low

oilsubstuitionratesACT.pngCongress is working to prevent the student loan rate from doubling on July 1, but so far the Republicans, Democrats and President Obama have been unable to forge a deal.

The solution is really much more simple -- cut the wasteful and harmful subsidies to the oil industry, which doesn't need the money and uses it to further harm the planet by increasing carbon emissions and hastening global warming. Please sign our petition today asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to end the Big Oil Billion Dollar Bailout and keep college loans more affordable.




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Tell Congress to Cut Oil Subsidies So It Can Keep College Loan Rates Low

Dear Congress

By cutting the $4 billion in annual subsidies and tax breaks to the oil industry, Congress would have enough money to keep the Stafford Loan rates at 3.4 percent. Please end the Big Oil Bailout and help young people get a more affordable college education.

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