End Tax breaks to companies destroying the climate


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A new report proves that just 90 organizations — big names you already know like Exxon, BP and Halliburton — caused 90 percent of all global warming pollution since the 1790s. 

So why is our government giving those same companies over $40 billion of OUR tax dollars every year? It's a good question, and people all over the world are starting to demand an answer — and a change.

A select committee of Congressional negotiators is supposed to come up with a new budget for America by December 13. Climate heroes like Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Whitehouse and others are already on the committee. But they need our support to get a fair budget deal for the climate: One that conforms to international norms and ends subsidies to the companies most directly responsible for the climate crisis.

Sign here to tell Congress to end subsidies to the worst polluters in planetary history.



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End tax breaks to companies that destroyed the climate

Dear Members of the Ryan-Murray budget committee

I call on you to end all taxpayer support of the 90 biggest climate-destroying companies as part of this winter's budget negotiations.

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