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Go Solar, Maine!
Maine receives more sunshine than any other state in New England. Yet, Maine is dead last in the region when it comes to solar energy. Tell lawmakers it's high time for Maine to go solar!
No tar sands in Sebago Lake or Casco Bay
If tar sands oil is brought to Maine, we get all the risks while the oil industry gets rich. Sign the petition asking Senator Collins to push for a full environmental review for any tar sands proposal.
Protect Acadia National Park
Land within Acadia's boundaries is unprotected and at risk of development, but Sen. Susan Collins still has yet to support the bill to protect Acadia (S.338) by fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Ask her to cosponsor the bill!
Protect Maine's Lakes
Maine's 6,000 lakes are a state treasure. But degrading water quality and big cuts to the state's lakes program mean that our lakes are at risk. Sign our petition today to tell lawmakers that Maine's lakes deserve full protection.
Support the Maine Foods Bill, LD 1431
Maine imports more of our food than any other state in the continental U.S. We're working to pass the Maine Foods Bill (LD 1431) that will help small farms gain access to bigger markets through the development of food hubs. Sign our petition in support!

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