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Gov. Christie, What's Your Plan?
In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, we need to tackle global warming head on. So far, Gov. Christie hasn't addressed the need to reduce global warming pollution. So we want to ask him, "What's your plan?"
Override Gov. Christie's Fracking Veto
Gov. Christie made the wrong call when he vetoed the fracking waste ban legislation. Please tell your legislators to stand up for New Jersey's waterways and tell them to override the Governor's veto.
Post-Sandy Shore Recovery
The Shore is still devastated from the impacts of Superstorm Sandy. We need to all pitch in to help them get back on their feet. Please join us for the Waves of Action Day at the Shore on Saturday, December 8.
Tell Gov. Christie to put New Jersey back in RGGI
Environment New Jersey sued Gov. Christie for pulling New Jersey out of RGGI, the clean air pact to reduce pollution from power plants. We've finally got our day in court: stand up for RGGI and tell the Governor he's on the wrong side of the law.
Tell the Legislature: Block Gov. Christie's Clean Air Rollback
Air pollution causes thousands of hospital visits in New Jersey every year. But, the Governor wants to ignore public opinion and kill one of our most effective anti-pollution laws the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
Join the call: Rebuild the Shore to better protect our beaches
Last summer, before Superstorm Sandy hit, there were more than 130 beach closings on the Jersey Shore. Take action today to make sure rebuild the Shore in ways that leave our beaches and waters cleaner.
Rally for Our Kids' Future in Westfield
Join Environment New Jersey in rallying to defend one of New Jersey's most important anti-pollution laws the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).
Reduce global warming pollution from power plants
PETITION: The EPA is poised to finally limit emissions of carbon pollution from power plants, but polluting industries and their allies in Congress are sure to fight these common-sense pollution limits. Tell the EPA to do the right thing.
Save New Jersey's Clean Energy Program
PETITION: This is a petition to state legislators to get them to tell Gov. Christie to stop stealing all of our clean energy funding.
Save the Gap
Tell the National Park Service to protect the Delaware Water Gap from a massive new coal powerline that's proposed to run through the Gap. PSEG wants to build a powerline 200 feet tall through the heart of New Jersey's Grand Canyon.
Save the Jersey Shore
The Shore is New Jersey's greatest natural treasure. But it's receiving large amounts of polluted rain-water that pours into the waterways that feed the Shore and ends up on our beaches. Tell our legislators in Trenton to stop this pollution.
Stop Gov. Christie's clean energy raid
PETITION: This is a petition ask to our full list to stop Governor Christie's clean energy funding raid.
Stop Gov. Christie's Clean Energy Raid
PETITION: This is the second e-mail in a set of welcome e-mails for action takers coming from the RGGI TOP Patch calling and Care2 e-mail harvesting. This petition goes after Gov. Christie's clean energy raid.
Support strong carbon pollution standards
On Tuesday, President Obama drew a historic line in the sand with an EPA proposal that puts strong limits on the power plant pollution that causes global warming. Show your support for the first-ever nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants
Take A Stand Against Fracking Waste
Take a stand against fracking waste by e-mailing your State Senator today to urge them to vote in favor of a ban against fracking waste here in New Jersey.
Tell Christie: Don't Veto Our Future!
PETITION: Legislators just voted to reinstate New Jersey in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The Governor will likely once again veto this positive environmental legislation. Let's make sure all of us are letting him know what's at stake.
Tell Gov. Christie to Sign the Clean Air Bill
The New Jersey Legislature has passed a clean air bill that would continue our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative - a program that cuts pollution and fosters clean energy. The bill now sits on the Gov's desk. Urge him to sign it now!
Tell Gov. Christie: Protect the Highlands
Join us in showing the governor that New Jersey wants to see him enforce the law and protect the Highlands--so we can keep this area beautiful and keep our drinking water clean.
Tell Your Legislators To Ban Fracking Waste
Fracking has generated more than a billion gallons of toxic wastewater next door in Pennsylvania. We don't want to let fracking waste get dumped in New Jersey. Tell your legislators to vote to ban fracking waste and to override Gov. Christie's veto.
Tell your legislators: Restore the Jersey Shore
As New Jersey rebuilds after Sandy, we can and we should rebuild in ways that keep sewage and other forms of pollution from fouling our waters and threatening our heath and marine wildlife. Tell your legislators to restore a cleaner, stronger Shore.
Thank President Obama for leading on global warming
Environment New Jersey supporters called on President Obama to lead on global warming. Now, he delivered with a bold plan to limit carbon pollution, improve energy efficiency, and boost solar and wind power. Please thank him for tackling global warming.
We need to override the governor
Governor Christie has vetoed a critical clean air and clean energy bill for New Jersey. As a result, we'll see more harmful air pollution, less clean energy, and higher energy costs. Tell your Senator to override the governor's veto.
Wind power for New Jersey
Tell Gov. Christie to move forward with wind power for New Jersey.

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