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It's worth it to save the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks
The Organ Mountains are an iconic landscape in New Mexico, home to wildlife species such as bald eagles, rare cacti, and pronghorn antelope. They are at risk to development and even mining. Tell President Obama to permanently protect the Organ Mountains.
Protect Chaco Canyon from the threats of fracking
Chaco Canyon is an incredible landscape with ancient pueblos that are more than a thousand years old. Tell our leaders to keep fracking away from this sensitive environment and rich cultural history.
Speak out for New Mexico's waters!
Submit a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency letting them know you want our waterways protected.
Tell Congress: Protect Otero Mesa from fracking
Action: tell Congress to close fracking waste loopholes, protect our national parks and forests from fracking
Tell President Obama to Save Otero Mesa
With 1,000 native wildlife species on the last publicly owned grasslands in the U.S., Otero Mesa provides a refuge for the only pure herd of pronghorn antelope. Take action today to permanently protect Otero Mesa from oil and gas development.
Tell President Obama: We've got your back on global warming
The president pledged in his inaugural address and in his State of the Union address that his administration would do more to tackle global warming. Now we have to make sure he stands up to the polluters and follows up his strong words.
Tell the BLM to keep fracking away from Chaco Canyon
The BLM is working on plans about fracking around Chaco Canyon. Oil and gas companies proposed to drill on 17,000 acres surrounding the national park last year, which would threaten the park's sensitive environment and its rich cultural history.
Tell the EPA: It's time to protect all of New Mexico's waterways
The EPA proposed a rule to restore Clean Water Act protections to critical waterways across the country, including 88 percent of New Mexico's streams. Tell the EPA to finalize the rule.
Tell your mayor and city council to support solar in your city!
Email your mayor and local decision makers to support a goal of putting solar energy on 100,000 roofs across the state.
Thank N.M. Sens. for standing up for the Organ Mtns.
Thank Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich for introducing legislation to designate the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks a national monument. This would protect New Mexico's steepest mountain range and numerous wildlife species.
Thank President Obama for leading on global warming
Thank President Obama for his bold plan to limit carbon pollution, improve energy efficiency, and boost solar and wind power.
What Would Teddy Roosevelt Do?
Over 100 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt marveled as he first viewed the West's stunning public lands. Today, despite record visits and popularity, our public lands are facing increasing threats from pollution and development. What would Teddy do?

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