Label GMO Foods at Your Supermarket
Tell Stop & Shop, Safeway, and Kroger to label their store-brand products that contain GMOs.
End Tax Breaks for Corporate Wrongdoing
Tell President Obama not to let companies take their legal settlements with the government as tax breaks.
McCutcheon v. FEC, Money v. People
McCutcheon v. FEC Press Event
Add your voice to get big money out of politics
Send a message to the Supreme Court opposing another flood of big money in our elections: No to McCutcheon v FEC - the next Citizens United.
Tell GE to help fix the debt by paying its taxes
Tell CEO Jeffrey Immelt: If GE wants to help fix the debt, it should stop dodging its taxes
End Pay For Delay
Brand name drug companies are paying off generic drug makers to delay competition and keep drug prices high. Tell Congress to lower drug prices by ending Big Pharma's "pay for delay" schemes.
Defend our health and safety protections
Please write to the President, and tell him not to let the European trade agreement weaken our public health and consumer protections.
Ask Google to Quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Tell Google to quit their membership in U.S. Chamber of Commerce and take a stand against secret campaign spending.
Senator Reid: Close down offshore tax loopholes
Senator Reid: End $150 billion in offshore tax loopholes before cutting vital public programs.
Stop the flood of money in our elections
Sign our petition calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
Tell Your Senators to Support High-Speed Rail
The time for high-speed rail is now. Send an e-mail to your U.S. Senators today.
A new tool to protect consumers from big banks
Tell the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) what you think their initial priorities ought to be.