End Tax Breaks for Corporate Wrongdoing
Please tell President Obama that we need an executive order prohibiting tax deductions when companies settle with the government for wrongdoing.
Let the People Decide
Sign our petition to get big, secret money out of Wisconsin's elections.
No JPMorgan Tax Break For Wrongdoing
Urge the Department of Justice not to allow JPMorgan to take their legal recent settlement as a tax deduction and get a $4.5 billion tax windfall for their corporate wrongdoing.
Oppose More Big Money in Wisconsin Politics
PETITION: Ask Senate Committee to oppose AB225
Pass the Safe Chemicals Act Now!
Urge Sens. Kohl and Johnson to pass the Safe Chemicals Act.
Protect consumers from rent-to-own rip-offs
Send a message to the state budget committee and tell them to oppose any special treatment for the predatory rent-to-own industry.
Rein in Handouts to Big Ag
Tell your member of Congress that it's time to end subsidies that only work for the wealthiest agribusinesses.
Sign a birthday card to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Tell them to get their special interest dark money out of our elections.
Step away from the cliff
Tell your Senators to make sure any budget deal closes down offshore tax loopholes.
Stop drug companies from jacking up the price of our prescriptions
Brand name drug companies are paying off generic drug makers to delay competition and keep drug prices high. Tell Congress to lower drug prices by ending Big Pharma's "pay for delay" schemes.
Stop Tax Haven Abuse
Urge your senators to sign on to the CUT Loopholes Act.
Stop taxpayer handouts to Big Ag
Does America's largest "family" farm really need a handout? Tell Congress to end Big Ag's gravy train.
Tell Congress: Stop Subsidizing Obesity
Ask your representative to end subsidies to agribusiness.
Who's behind this ad?
Tell the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to stop running misleading ads on behalf of secret donors