City Action: Increase EFAP Funding to $22M!

Mayor Bill de Blasio released his Preliminary Budget for the coming year – with a proposal to cut to the Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) by $4.9 million. If passed, this cut will reduce the resources of food pantries and soup kitchens. We need your help to stop it. Please send a message to the Mayor and City Council.


  • Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland
  • Council Member Barry Grodenchik
  • Council Member Stephen Levin
  • Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio


Increase EFAP Funding to $22M!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a concerned New Yorker, I urge you to support baseline food funding for the Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) at $22 million in the Fiscal Year 2018 New York City budget.

I was disappointed to see that despite New York City facing a Meal Gap of 242 million meals, the preliminary budget proposes a cut in EFAP food funding to $8.2 million. EFAP provides a vital supply of nutritious food to food pantries and soup kitchens across the city and the 1.4 million New Yorkers who rely on the emergency food network to put food on their table. In September of 2016, nearly half of food pantries and soup kitchen in New York City reported that they had run out of food. An increase in funding to EFAP is essential to ensure emergency food programs do not have to turn away New Yorkers in need.

Please prioritize increased funding to EFAP in the FY2018 New York City budget. Thank you for your continued support.

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