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Protect Jobless Adults From Hunger

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As a supporter of Food Bank For New York City, I urge you cosponsor the Improving Access to Nutrition Act lead by Representative Barbara Lee (CA-13). This bill would lift the arbitrary and destructive time limits that keep Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from low income people across the country.

Over 38 million people in America, including 1.6 million New York City residents, rely on SNAP to put food on their table. But currently, federal law imposes harsh time limit for childless adults who seek access to needed SNAP benefit. These rules punish people by taking food resources away from those who are unable to find consistent work for 80 hours per month, and does not take into consideration unstable hours, unpredictable schedules, and other factors that create barriers to finding lasting, dependable employment. To strip food assistance from our neighbors at their most vulnerable does not help anyone secure a job, nor does it benefit local economies where SNAP dollars are spent. Rep. Lee's bill would lift SNAP's arbitrary three-month time limits to ensure that all people have equal access to nutrition assistance in times of need. Ending these time limits will help struggling people stay healthy while seeking full-time work.

We rely on champions like you in Congress to fight hunger for people in America. Thank you for helping us to fortify the anti-hunger safety net for everyone.

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