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Tell Gov. McDonnell: "Stop Playing Politics With Children's Lives"





Virginia has one of the worst records in the country when it comes to finding permanent, stable, and loving homes for children in its foster care system. 

Gov. Bob McDonnellIn 2009 there were 6700 kids in foster care in the state of Virginia. While 663 children from foster care were ultimately placed with adoptive families, by year’s end 1,612 kids available for adoption were still waiting for permanent families of their own. More than 45% of the kids in VA’s foster care system have been in 3 or more placements – shuttled from home to home without finding the stability and permanency they desperately need.  Virginia has the unique distinction of ranking first among the states in the percentage of youth who age out of foster care each year (32%). Research shows us that youth who age out of foster care without ever finding permanency are at a high risk for poverty, homelessness, incarceration, and early parenthood.

With all of these problems facing the Virginia foster care system, why is the Governor intentionally limiting the number of loving families ready and waiting to adopt?

Will you sign our petition and ask Governor McDonnell: "Is this really the best you can do for the thousands of Virginia foster children in your care?"

The Petition:

Stop playing politics with children's lives

Gov. McDonnell, 

Every child deserves a family.

Currently, there are more than 6,000 kids in the Virginia foster care system over 1,500 of whom are available for adoption. These children need access to every possible qualified and loving parent. By denying lesbian and gay couples the ability to adopt in Virginia thousands of potential qualified adoptive parents can't provide a home for them.

Adoption agencies have ONE obligation and that is to act in the best interests of each individual child. The welfare of children is not a church/state issue.

You need to stop playing politics with the lives of the children in foster care and ensure that every child has access to a loving home and qualified parents. There are regulations being proposed right now that will fix this problem, please don't stand in the way.

Do the right thing for the foster children of Virginia and accept the proposed changes.


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