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Download all  the impact sessions from FOCUS Conference 2011 - St. Paul right to your computer.

On the Streets of Daily Life: The Apostleship of Prayer's Practical Practice of "Three Moments of the Day" by Fr. Phil Hurley, S.J.

The Sacrament of Love: Five Pillars of the Theology of the Body by Dr. Edward Sri

Learn It. Live It. Or Leave It: You Decide. by Rev. Francis "Fr. Rocky" Hoffman, Executive Director of Relevant Radio

A Catholic Who Happens To Be a Physician-Scientists by John Dickinson, MD, Ph.D

Love Story: Not Taylor Swift Style by Kevin & Lisa Cotter

The Big Three: Chastity, Sobriety, and Excellence by Jimmy Becker

Conspiracy Theory 101: What the World Doesn't Want You to Know by Mark Bartek

So You're About to Graduate?  Making Life Work in Seasons of Transition by Jeremy Rivera

Fighting the Spiritual Battle of Our Soul: The Discernment of Good and Evil Spirits, and How They Affect Our Daily Lives by Paul Wilburn

Choices, Choices… Discerning God's Will In Our Lives by Fr. Phil Hurley, S.J.

A Biblical Walk Through the New Mass Translation: Understanding What We Say & Do In the Liturgy by Dr. Edward Sri

Media Matters.  Be There. by Rev. Francis "Fr. Rocky" Hoffman, Executive Director of Relevant Radio

Post Graduation… No FOCUS… Now What? by John Dickinson, MD, Ph.D

Why Do I Do That?: What Chick Flicks and Love Songs Have to Do With Chastity by Lisa Cotter

Esto Vir! - Reclaiming Our Culture Through Authentic Masculinity by Steve Pries

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll: Contraception and the Catholic Church by John Zimmer

But, Lord, When Did We See You Hungary by Jeff Runyan

How To Live Out FOCUS On a Non-FOCUS Campus by Kevin Cotter

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