A collection of 18 exciting talks on the Sacraments and Christian Living from today's top Catholic speakers.

John Leyendecker - Chicks, Liquor, Drugs: God is Calling, But I'm Not Answering Cuz I Think He's a Telemarketer

Jonathan Reyes, Ph.D - Equipped For Mission

Christopher Stefanick - Beyond Boredom

Dr. Kasia Szymanek - Answering The Call in Medicine

Dr. Kasia Szymanek - Answering JPII's Call to Sainthood After College

Jeremy Rivera - So You're About to Graduate?  Making Life Work in Seasons of Transition

Jimmy Becker - The Big Three: Chastity, Sobriety, and Excellence

John Dickinson, MD, Ph.D - Post Graduation… No FOCUS… Now What?

John Dickinson, MD, Ph.D - A Catholic Who Happens To Be a Physician-Scientists

John Zimmer - Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll: Contraception and the Catholic Church

Kevin & Lisa Cotter - Love Story: Not Taylor Swift Style

Kevin Cotter - How To Live Out FOCUS on a Non-FOCUS Campus

Manda Poffel - Blessed, Broken, Given

Mark Bartek - Conspiracy Theory 101: What the World Doesn't Want You to Know

Vicki Thorn - Virtual World: Virtual Life

Rev. Francis "Fr. Rocky" Hoffman, Executive Director of Relevant Radio - Media Matters.  Be There.

Rev. Francis "Fr. Rocky" Hoffman, Executive Director of Relevant Radio - Learn It. Live It. Or Leave It: You Decide.

Steve Pries - Esto Vir! - Reclaiming Our Culture Through Authentic Masculinity

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