Download all  the impact sessions from FOCUS Conference 2011 - Denver right to your computer.

A Biblical Walk Through the New Mass Translation: Understanding What We Say & Do In the Liturgy by Dr. Edward Sri

Meditation and Contemplation by Fr. Bart Geger, S.J.

Galileo's Battle With the Church: Myths and Truths by Kenneth Howell, Ph.D

What They Didn't Tell You in Sex Ed: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Vicki Thorn

From the Glamourous Life to a Grace-Filled Life by Leah Darrow

Christlike Principles For Dating: If You Want to Hook the Right Mate, Then You Need to Be the Right Bait by Curtis and Michaelann Martin

But, Lord, When Did We See You Hungary by Jeff Runyan

How To Live Out FOCUS on a Non-FOCUS Campus by Kevin Cotter

Answering JPII's Call to Sainthood After College by Dr. Kasia Szymanek

The Sacrament of Love: Five Pillars of the Theology of the Body by Dr. Edward Sri

Three Stages in Prayer and Self-Knowledge by Fr. Bart Geger, S.J.

Same Sex Marriage: A Catholic Perspective by Kenneth Howell, Ph.D

Virtual World: Virtual Life by Vicki Thorn

Women: We're Kind of a Big Deal by Leah Darrow

Blessed, Broken, Given by Manda Poffel

Conspiracy Theory 101: What the World Doesn't Want You to Know by Mark Bartek

Esto Vir! - Reclaiming Our Culture Through Authentic Masculinity  by Steve Pries

Answering The Call in Medicine  by Dr. Kasia Szymanek

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