The Need - Curtis Martin

The Cost Of Discipleship - Taking Up Our Cross And Inviting Other To Do The Same - Dr. Jonathan Reyes

The Cost Of Discipleship - Your Guide To Winning The World For Christ - Meghan McCartney

Men's Discipleship Panel

All Are Called, But Few Know The Way - Sam Mazzarelli

Women's Discipleship Panel

An Investment of a Lifetime - How to Develop an Effective Evangelization Strategy - David Trotter

Launching And Leading Bible Studies - Kevin Cotter

Evangelization And The Golden Question - Mark Bartek

Discovering Your Deepest Identity - Peter Herbeck

Fr. Justin Damien Dean - Monday Mass

Bishop Samuel Aquila - Saturday Mass

Cardinal Francis George - Sunday Mass

Curtis Martin - Launching Session

A Personal Testimony - Bill Simon Jr

Until The End - A Discipleship That Goes The Distance - Dr. Edward Sri

Casting Into the Deep - Dr. Tim Gray

The Primacy of Prayer - Fr. Michael Keating

Together With One Voice - John Leyendecker


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