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6:30-8:30 pm. In this class, you will learn how to create homemade link sausages, including: how to select, cut, prep, season and grind meat; types of casings and where to buy; safe food handling for meat; tools and techniques for stuffing, tying and cooking your sausages.
10:00 am-noon. Join Akshaya, from My Ayurvedic Kitchen, as she opens up her spice box and teaches you about the healing potential of spices and herbs, and how eating seasonally and cooking with spices can help you feel great this summer!
12:00-2:00pm. Whether you like it hot or mild, spicy or sweet, salsa always brings something special to the table! SFC Farmers' Market vendor Ricardo Cruz from El Cruz Ranch returns to The Happy Kitchen, this time to teach you how to make authentic Mexican salsas that feature the best of summer's fruits and vegetables.

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