Hunger Walk 2021

Be Concerned

Did you know 1 in 7 people in Northern Kentucky are food insecure? Be Concerned has been doing everything it can to help feed those 66,318 people in our area who need a little extra help putting food on the table right now. And we want you to help us join the fight to eradicate hunger in our region!

Last year, the Be Concerned food pantries in Covington and Erlanger provided free grocery assistance to more 6,700 people in NKY coming from nearly 3,000 different households. We did that through our choice food pantries, our English as Second Language night, senior home food deliveries, and offsite food pantry and monthly food deliveries to Mount St. Joseph University. To support Be Concerned's efforts, we are asking you to support our Hunger Walk team as we work to meet our goal of raising $5,000 to support our ongoing pantry needs. Help us continue our fight against food insecurity and become a Be Concerned Hunger Walk supporter!

Tell your family and friends about our team, and even go so far to ask them if they want to join you for a personal 5K on Memorial Day to show support for our pantries. Even though we can't get together for the traditional 5K downtown, we hope to see many Be Concerned supporters out trekking on their own on Memorial Day. If you are interested in walking your 5K in Covington or Erlanger, feel free to use our parking lots to park your vehicles on Memorial Day! Or think about asking your school if you can use their track to do a 5K. WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE PICTURES YOU TAKE DURING YOUR 5K! PLEASE SEND ANY PICTURES TO INFO@BECONCERNED.ORG so we make sure we can tell the world how awesome our supporters are. Thank you!

Be Concerned Raised
Personal Gift Andrew Brunsman $20.00
Personal Gift Victoria Brueggen $25.00
Personal Gift Susan Cathers $40.00
Personal Gift Brady Cline $25.00
Personal Gift Lynda Crossan $25.00
Personal Gift Erin Davis $45.00
Personal Gift Amanda Dodge $25.00
Ava Dollenmeyer $20.00
Personal Gift Gabrielle Donathan $25.00
Personal Gift Megan Downing $25.00
Personal Gift HNR102 Dr. Downing $20.00
Personal Gift Jaxon Emerson $25.00
Personal Gift Kimberly Franxman $25.00
Personal Gift Ella Goebel $25.00
Personal Gift Paul Gottbrath $20.00
Personal Gift Kayla Griffith $25.00
Personal Gift Nicole Hesse $25.00
Personal Gift Nancy Hiltibrand $40.00
Personal Gift Leslee House $35.00
Personal Gift Isabella Huecker $25.00
Personal Gift Meg Jung $20.00
Personal Gift Kalyn Koons $25.00
Personal Gift Jonah Krebs $25.00
Personal Gift Sandy Kurtz $25.00
Personal Gift Mary Madlener $25.00
Personal Gift Grace McConn $25.00
Personal Gift Darryl Menning $50.00
Personal Gift Tracy Moore $25.00
Personal Gift Beth Price $50.00
Personal Gift Andrew Prinssen $25.00
Personal Gift Kathy Reinbach $25.00
Personal Gift Jennifer Rhodus $20.00
Personal Gift NICARA RICHER $20.00
Personal Gift James Shea $25.00
Personal Gift Olivia Stewart $25.00
Personal Gift Jeff Stopa $25.00
Personal Gift Jan Torok $45.00
Personal Gift Hayden Turley $25.00
Team Gifts $1,195.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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