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Don't Let "I Don't Believe in That" Stand between You and Health Care

Despite overwhelming public support for President Obama's contraception compromise, Republican leaders continue their attacks. And their latest effort could be a disaster for American families.

Under the guise of "protecting religious liberty," Republican leaders are advancing a proposal that would allow ANY employer to deny coverage for ANY preventive service on the basis of moral beliefs.

In all seriousness, the Republican plan would not only mean restrictions on birth control – it would mean that the owner of a restaurant could deny coverage for contraception simply by claiming to be religiously against birth control. Or that the owner of a factory could deny coverage for mental health drugs because he or she doesn't "believe in mental illness."

It's time to put a stop to Republican overreach on our health care rights. Send a strong message to Congress and tell your elected officials to reject extreme restrictions on access to health care and to take a stand against the war on women.

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