Urgent Action Needed to Protect DV Survivors' Access to Health Care.

ACA.jpgThis month, the US Senate and House of Representatives continue efforts to repeal or repair the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Its repeal would be devastating for many victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and children exposed to violence. It is urgent that you send a letter and call today and urge congress not to repeal the ACA without adequate replacement!

The ACA or Obamacare as it’s also known, provides very specific help to victims, while also ensuring that almost all Americans have access to health care. Victims of domestic and sexual violence often need health care as a result of the violence and abuse. They also are more likely to reach out to a health care provider before they turn to the police or a shelter or rape crisis center, making health care providers vital front-line workers in identifying abuse and connecting women and children to help.

Specifically, the ACA includes provisions to cover screening and brief counseling for domestic and interpersonal violence, prohibits insurance companies from denying victims of violence health insurance, allows victims to not be reliant on an abusive spouse to get health care for them or their children, and expands access to mental health services for women and children.

As citizens concerned about violence against women and children, it is essential that we let policymakers know how important the ACA is to victims of violence, and to all women and children.

Write and call Congress today to tell them protect the health and safety of survivors of domestic violence and do not repeal or repair the ACA without an adequate replacement!

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