Young Moms, Strong Kids Module (Digital Tool)

Young Moms FullNEW Young Moms Module: Assessment and Safety Planning for Domestic Violence in Home Visitation
represents a recent expansion of the Healthy Moms Happy Babies (HMHB) Curriculum and recognizes that the field of home visitation requires new tools to meet the needs of adolescent mothers. While HMHB primarily focuses on intimate partners only, the YMSK card describes ‘healthy relationships’ broadly, recognizing that many young moms may not be in an intimate relationship and may still be living at home with parents or other family members.

Our new approach, which highlights what everyone deserves in any relationship, proves to be an important strategy for home visitors working with young moms. It helps them frame a supportive conversation that meets young mothers where they are. Ultimately, the card provides a platform to segue into a conversation that include partner violence. The new federal benchmarks for home visitation require that programs document screening and track referrals. This module will train home visitors on how to screen, refer and document these activities as part of routine programming. 

This new tool is available as a PDF download. Click here to access the Power Point slides and notes to the trainer. Click here to view the accompanying webinar recording.

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