Healthy Moms, Happy Babies Home Visitor Safety Card (Hard Copy)


Home Visitation Safety Card

Home Visitation Safety Card: Healthy Moms, Happy Babies was developed for home visitors to distribute to women who are parenting, expecting or are caregivers. This newly updated card provides hotline information and safety planning resources for women, and prompts home visitors to frame a supportive conversation with women about the impact of intimate partner violence on their health, parenting and children.

This newly revised 10-panel tool prompts women to reflect on their relationships, birth control use and parenting, while reminding them that they (and their children) are valuable and deserving of kindness and love. The card folds up to the size of a business card (3.5" x 2") for discretion, and may be used as a part of regular visits in conjunction with universal education.

Available in English and Spanish as a PDF download and hard copy.

Home Visitation Safety Card Spanish

Pictured above: the title panel of the Home Visitation safety card in Spanish.

Pictured left: 5-panel title side of the Home Visitation safety card in English, the opposite side (not pictured) features 5 more panels with information and resources.



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