Is Your Relationship Affecting Your Health? General Health Safety Card (PDF)


General Health Safety Card one side General Health Safety Card one side Spanish

Pictured above: One side of the double sided safety card in English (left) and Spanish (right). The opposide side of the card features 5 more panels with information and resources.

The recently updated General Health safety card features 10 panels, 5 panels each side, and folds up to the size of a business card (3.5" x 2") for discretion. Designed for women receiving health care services, the card helps women recognize how their relationship impacts their health and the lives of their children, in addition to providing information on safety planning and hotlines for support. This tool identifies specific health problems that may be associated with chronic stress from an abusive relationship and offers women guidance on how to talk to their children or a trusted friend about their experience.

The 2017 General Health (Is Your Relationship Affecting Your Health?) card has been expanded to include new content on healing from past trauma, while prompting women to reflect on how difficult experiences can shape a person’s life. This evidence-based tool was developed to help clinicians and domestic violence/sexual assault advocates provide universal education – to frame conversations 

Available in English and Spanish as a PDF download and in hard copy.

The PDF download link will be available on the webpage featured after you have checked out, and will also be emailed to you after your purchase. This link includes both the English and Spanish PDF versions of the safety card.

Also available in Chinese and Tagalog as a digital download only.

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