Caring Relationships, Healthy You Poster LGBT (Hard Copy) 5 posters per order MAX


Caring Relationships, Healthy You Poster

With the help of the LA LGBT Center, National Coalition for Anti-Violence Programs, FORGE, Northwest Network, Kaiser Permanente, Casa de Esperanza, Community United Against Violence (CUAV), API Institute on IPV, and the University of Pittsburgh, Futures Without Violence has developed new materials that are specifically for LGBQ and Trans/GNC people.

The goal of this safety card is to be both a survivor-centered resource and a useful conversation starter for health care providers who are doing universal education around healthy relationships and assessing for violence specifically with LGBQ people or in LGBTQ health settings. This safety card has 10 panels and folds up accordion style to be 3.5in x 2in so that it can easily fit in a wallet or a shoe insole. 

Users of this material should take time to educate themselves and their colleagues on how to provide culturally humble, inclusive and supporting services to LGBTQ communities. Learn more here.

Illustrations and design by Vero D. Orozco.

Available as a digital download in English and Spanish or in hard copy (English only). 

Due to a shortage in stock we cannot accomodate orders of this resource above 5 posters per order. Please specify in the quantity box below your order in numbers of 1-5 (MAX). Any orders made above 5 posters will be adjusted during processing to the maximum amount. 

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