Healthy Moms, Happy Babies Poster (Hard Copy)

ACOG AA description.jpgHealthy Moms, Happy Babies is a poster co-branded by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and accompanies the perinatal safety card. The poster sends the message that babies and kids thrive when their moms thrive. Moms thrive in healthy relationships—ones that are respectful, nurturing and caring. The poster encourages people to talk to their health care provider and view the Healthy Moms, Happy Babies safety card for further information about healthy relationships and domesticviolence. Toll-free numbers are also listed for the National Hotline on Domestic Violence and National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline. Available in three versions featuring a pregnant African American woman and daughter (English); a pregnant Caucasian woman and son (English) and a third with a pregnant Latina woman and son (Spanish). The poster is 11"x17".

Available in English and Spanish as a digital download and in hard copy.

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