Hanging Out or Hooking Up (Adolescent Health) Safety Card (Hard Copy) 100 cards MAX per order


Adolescent Safety Card 5 panel spread

Newly revised in 2017, the Hanging Out or Hooking Up (Adolescent Health) safety card challenges teens and young adults to reflect on how the person(s) they are dating or seeing treats them. It identifies the dynamics of healthy relationships and prompts teens to consider signs that may indicate abuse. This tool explores how to confront excessive text messaging and examines the difference between consensual versus pressured sex, as well as the ability to use birth control. Additionally, the card provides tips to those seeking ways to support a friend who may be facing relationship abuse.

Hanging Out or Hooking Up is written in gender-neutral terms and may be used in the context of either heterosexual or LGTBQ relationships. The 10-panel card folds up to the size of a business card (3.5” x 2”) and has been expanded to include new content on identifying signs of human trafficking and reproductive coercion. It features national toll-free hotlines for support and may be distributed directly to teens in conjunction with universal education or stocked in bathrooms and health care exam rooms for people to take individually.

Available in English and Spanish as a PDF download and in hard copy. 



Pictured on the left: The 5-panel spread from the Title side of the card in English, this card is double sided with 5 more panels of information and resources on the opposite side.

Pictured on the right: The Title panel of the card in Spanish.


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