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Fair Fish

Under the guise of conservation, a system called "catch shares" is being pushed by the government and larger members of the fishing industry alike to make a public resource, our fish, like private property. Traditional, small-scale fishermen are being pushed out of the industry as these shares are handed out for free with most going to larger, industrial fishing operations. Worldwide, catch share programs have meant fewer jobs for fishemen - and the effects spread to whole communities - fewer fishermen means less dollars for local shops, restaurants and more. For consumers, it can mean lower quality fish and a further reliance on industrially processed foods.

Privatization leads to consolidation - not conservation. Tell the government to stop privatizing our oceans now and save our traditional fishermen and coastal fishing communities!

Learn more catch shares and Fair Fish

With continued demand for seafood, our government is trying to figure out how to conserve and manage the fish that we do have. Unfortunately, the latest proposed way to regulate our fish — catch shares or more accurately catch-and-trade — is essentially an outdated privatization approach.

If this becomes the main way fisheries are managed, many traditional fishermen will be forced out of work, economies of their communities will crumble, there will be increased risk of harm to our oceans, and consumers will probably end up paying more while the fishermen get less.

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But there is a solution that we're calling Fair Fish, which means a more sustainable and local wild fish economy, where the public will maintain control of it own fish resources and an allocation process will favor smaller-scale, more environmentally friendly, community-based fishermen. Read more about Fair Fish!


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I am a U.S. citizen and am greatly concerned about privatization of our fisheries through catch share programs.

I urge you to say no to privatized catch shares and develop a national policy based on a Fair Fish approach.

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