Stop the Export of Fracked Gas!

You can't drink gas.jpgFracking is bad enough on its own. There is no reason that we should contaminate America's water here to export cheap natural gas to other countries. Exporting gas only creates more profits for the multinational corporations that are doing the fracking, at our expense. Let's make an impact by taking away their ability to export natural gas from fracking to other countries.

Please ask your representative to co-sponsor these bills that would limit the export of natural gas. Fill out the form below, and we'll deliver it to your member of Congress.

Learn more about fracking

Fracking and other unconventional methods of extracting oil and natural gas come with intensive drilling and mining, massive amounts of toxic waste, air pollution and pervasive infrastructure that threatens our essential food and water resources.

To frack a well, operators mix millions of gallons of water with tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals, including some known to cause cancer, and then pump it all into the earth at extreme pressure to try to break up rock formations so oil and natural gas might flow.

Drilling and fracking:

  • require millions of gallons of water for each well, competing with farmers for local water supplies.
  • produce massive amounts of toxic and even radioactive waste with no good disposal options.
  • contaminate sources of drinking water as a result of disposal problems and the thousands of leaks and spills every year.
  • can lead houses and water wells to explode, due to contamination from methane and other harmful gases.
  • bring untold costs to local communities, from declines in agriculture, real estate and tourism to road damage, public health problems and increased demand for social services.
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Please co-sponsor H.R. 4025 and H.R. 4024

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I am writing to request that you co-sponsor Congressman Edward Markey's Keep American Natural Gas Here Act (H.R. 4025) and North America Natural Gas Security and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 4024).

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