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The European Commission is taking a wait-and-see approach on the use of hydraulic fracking and shale gas, which will allow the shale gas industry to continue exploring and to start extracting shale gas.

Please tell the European Commission that you don't want this extreme source of high-carbon energy, shale gas, to be developed in the EU. The European Commissioners should be protecting Europe’s water resources and pushing for a zero-carbon energy mix for the EU.

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Fracking is a highly dangerous method of drilling for natural gas that threatens our water, air and food.

  • Fracking chemicals are toxic and can contaminate water as a result of spills or accidents.
  • Fracking produces hazardous wastewater, which can contain radioactive substances as well as toxic chemicals, making disposal difficult and dangerous.
  • Fracking requires millions of liters of water, which can deplete local water supplies.
  • Fracking can cause natural gas to migrate into drinking water sources, which can cause houses and wells to explode.
  • There have been more than 1,000 documented cases of water contamination near drilling sites around the United States.
  • Fracking also promotes climate change and has been linked to earthquakes.

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I urge you to protect our drinking water by advocating for a suspension of all ongoing activities and permits at the Member State level, in all EU countries, and to consider an EU-wide moratorium on any new projects, in terms of research, exploration as well as exploitation.

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