No More Free Rides for Maryland's Poultry Companies

chesapeake-bay-satellite-image-square.jpgThe Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the U.S. and a vital economic asset. Unfortunately, the health of the Bay has been deteroriating. Large-scale poultry companies like Perdue create the largest share of the pollution that ends up in our Bay and yet pay nothing toward important Bay restoration clean-up costs. It's time Big Chicken pays its fair share! 

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Please support bill to end Big Chicken's free ride

Dear Maryland legislators, 

Poultry companies, like Perdue, aren't paying their fair share to address the impacts of their chicken waste on the Chesapeake Bay. Study after study has indicated that the damage to the Bay caused by Maryland's large chicken companies has contributed significantly to a decades-long downward spiral for this historic water body.

Yet, while the residents of our towns and cities are doing their part to bear the economic burden of cleaning up the Bay, the poultry companies continue to enjoy a free ride.

Please support legislation that would make the biggest polluters pay their fair share to clean up the massive amounts of pollution they dump into the Bay.

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