Tell the U.S. FDA: Just Say NO to GM Salmon


The Friday before Christmas, as many of us set out for a long holiday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its environmental assessment of genetically modified (GM) salmon, which brings GM salmon only one step away from being the first GM animal destined for dinner plates.

This approval continues to rely on the FDA’s flawed food safety conclusions from 2010, even though:

  • the limited data the agency collected shows that the altered fish exhibited much higher rates of hormones and allergic potential.
  • in a single year, a natural disaster resulted in “lost” GM salmon at one experimental facility while a lethal disease outbreak at another facility led the company to kill off most of its GM salmon.

Disease, natural disasters, and an unnecessary altered fish means the FDA is needlessly endangering the public by moving this application through the process. The FDA needs to hear your voice before February 25th April 26th:  tell the agency its environmental assessment isn’t up to snuff and ask them to just say NO to GM salmon today!

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Docket # FDA2011N0899

Dear Commissioner Hamburg, 

I am writing to urge you to do a thorough assessment of the environmental impacts of genetically modified (GM) salmon. The draft environmental assessment (Docket # FDA2011N0899) released in December does not adequately examine the risks posed by the potential commercialisation of the first GM food animal.

There is no need to put human health and the environment at risk for GM salmon.

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