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Treat yourself this holiday season by ordering a previous year’s Bike Around the Bay jersey for the discounted price of $50 (includes tax and shipping). There’s a limited selection of sizes and styles so submit your order today! If you have any questions, please contact Greg at gloushine@galvbay.org.

2018 Sandhill Crane Jersey (VOMax)

Purchase the Galveston Bay Foundation Sandhill Crane Jersey!

Sandhill Crane Jersey

All jerseys are VOmax Club Cut and come in men's and women's sizes and sleeved and sleeveless styles. Check the size chart for your measurements.

PLEASE NOTE: Order your jersey by December 11th for it to be delivered by December 25th, 2020 to the address provided at checkout.

All jersey purchases are FINAL orders. No exchanges or returns. Please check the size chart before placing your order! 

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These options are not currently available:
Men's NO Sleeves/2XL, Men's NO Sleeves/3XL, Men's NO Sleeves/4XL, Men's NO Sleeves/Extra Large, Men's NO Sleeves/Extra Small, Men's NO Sleeves/Large, Men's NO Sleeves/Medium, Men's NO Sleeves/Small, Men's WITH Short Sleeves/2XL, Men's WITH Short Sleeves/3XL, Men's WITH Short Sleeves/Extra Large, Men's WITH Short Sleeves/Large, Men's WITH Short Sleeves/Small, Women's NO Sleeves/2XL, Women's NO Sleeves/3XL, Women's NO Sleeves/4XL, Women's NO Sleeves/Extra Small, Women's NO Sleeves/Large, Women's NO Sleeves/Medium, Women's NO Sleeves/Small, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/2XL, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/3XL, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/4XL, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/Extra Small, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/Large, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/Medium, Women's WITH Short Sleeves/Small

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